Canada Big Game Tracking Trip

Trip Overview

Canada has some of the largest animals on the planet, including the polar bear, moose, and bison along with large populations of black bear, wolves, elk, and caribou.  On this epic adventure, you will visit a variety of eco-habitats in Manitoba province including plains grasslands, boreal and deciduous forests, and tundra in search of these large mammals and numerous other species.  You will also venture into the waters of Hudson Bay to see the rare beluga whale and spend late evenings gazing at the starry skies, hoping to catch the dazzling display of the aurora borealis.  Along the way visit several historic sites to learn the amazing stories of the brave frontiersmen who persevered in these harsh environment.

Expedition Details


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Trip Name:                  

Canada Big Game Tracking Trip


Trip Dates:                   

July 10 – 20, 2017



11 Days


Experience & Activity Level:            

Previous tracking experience helpful but not required.  

Participants should be in good physical condition.


Accommodation  Style:

3 star hotels and lodges



Starting at $8,490 per person ($1,295 single supplement)



- Riding Mountain National Park

- Hudson Bay

- Churchill Wildlife Management Area



Much of the Canadian landscape is still a vast wilderness, largely untouched by the hand of man and full of large herbivores and carnivores that roam the plains, mountains, and frozen tundra of the northern latitudes.  On this epic adventure you will visit a variety of remote and awe-inspiring places to track, trail, and lay eyes upon some of the most iconic creatures on our planet as well as venture out onto open waters to observe majestic marine wildlife.


Your journey will begin in Winnipeg where one of our courteous staff will meet you at the airport and escort you to the hotel with the rest of the group for a welcome dinner and overview of the exciting activities in store for you over the next ten days.  After breakfast the following morning, you will head to Riding Mountain National Park in southwest Manitoba province where you will be given a brief introduction to the ecology of the park before venturing out on an evening wildlife safari.  You will spend the next three days here going on game drives to get up close and personal with the park’s wild inhabitants as well as frequently going on foot to search for tracks and other sign, following animal trails deep into the park’s interior.


Riding Mountain is wildlife paradise replete with herds of elk, moose, wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, lynxes, white-tailed deer, and snowshoe hares.  It also has some of the last remaining wild bison in North America along with one of the largest populations of black bears on the continent.  Additionally, it has over 200 bird species and is filled with brilliant wildflowers in summer and other unusual vegetation found nowhere else on the Canadian prairies.


After departing Riding Mountain you will board a flight for Churchill, which is situated in northeastern Manitoba adjacent to Hudson Bay and lies at the intersection of three distinct ecosystems:  boreal forest, tundra, and marine.  As a result, the area hosts a tremendous diversity of animal life including polar bears near the coast, wolves, arctic and red foxes, caribou, snowshoe hares, and even a few grizzly bears in the forests and tundra, and beluga whales and ringed seals in the bay.


Upon arrival in Churchill, you will go on a short hike to get you accustomed to this new landscape where you will be spending the next five days, and to look for tracks of polar bears along the shoreline, perhaps spotting one in the distance. Later in the afternoon you will have time to explore the town, and then after dinner you can stay up in the hopes of catching nature’s most fantastic light show, the aurora borealis, or simply to gaze at the thousands of radiant stars beaming in the expansive Canadian sky.  


The next two days you will venture out from Churchill onto the tundra in a buggy to look for wildlife that is spread out across the endless horizon.  Led by our expert guides, you will frequently get out of the buggy to examine sign and follow the tracks of animals in an attempt to ascertain their current whereabouts; upon locating them, you will closely observe them to begin to understand their behavior and habits.  Perhaps you may witness some wolves chasing caribou, or a polar bear trying to find a small meal before the seal hunting season, or birds of prey like snowy owls and falcons snatching an unsuspecting rodent or smaller bird?


Your final two days in Churchill will include more shore hikes looking for tracks, as well as a cruise up the mouth of the Churchill River to spot beluga whales.  These magnificent mammals appear in the hundreds during the summer and are a treasure to behold when they are sighted in the icy blue waters.  You will also take an interpretive hike to the Prince of Wales Fort, Churchill’s national historic site and the most northerly stone fortification in all of Canada.  The tour of this impressive fortress will take you back through time as you walk in the footsteps of the Hudson’s Bay Company of Adventurers who lived and died in this difficult environment during the 1700’s.  It will be a great way to conclude your adventure, for you will leave with a strong sense of appreciation for both the splendid creatures that call this place home and for the humans who braved this harsh land.