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Naturalist Ventures offers recreational adventures and environmental education in wildlife tracking, animal behavior, bird language, wilderness survival and other related subjects.  We provide online courses, onsite trainings, small group expeditions, custom trips, and other events in some of the world's most amazing habitats.  These programs are designed to promote nature awareness, reconnect you to the natural world, and show you how to unplug from the chaos of modern life!

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Featured Programs

Gray Wolf Track
July 14 - July 20, 2010
1 week, 2 Credit Hours or 4 CEU's

Improve your tracking skills in the heart of one of the the largest wildscapes in North America!  The Frank Church Wilderness is full of wolves, black bears, mountain lions, elk, and mule deer, all of which you will learn to track during this course. You will have the opportunity to take a Cybertracker evaluation exam, and earn a tracking certificate to enhance your credentials as a wildlife professional....Learn More!

August 20 - December 4, 2019 (or self-paced)
15 modules, 3 Credit Hours /10 CEU's 

Learn how to track mammals and other animals right near your own home, as well as hot to recognize animal gaits and many other types of animal sign.  Offered as a CEU course or for college credit with the University of Florida, you can take it during the Fall term or self-paced.  It is perfect for conservationists, biologists, and any other interested persons who want to enhance their field skills...Learn More!

September 30 - October 4, 2019
5 Days, $1,195

Come and track majestic animals and birds in one of the most amazing ecosystems on our planet!  The Sky Islands along the borderlands of Arizona-Mexico are an area of convergence where species from temperate zones in the north coexist with species from the southern tropics.  You will spend a week looking for signs of jaguars, ocelots, and black bears while listening to the alarm calls of birds...Learn More!

January - December
1-5 Days

Birding is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but instead of just identifying birds by sight and song why not learn what they are saying to each other and to the animals nearby who depend on them for survival?  In this field training, your small group will be taught bird language fundamentals while performing observational exercises that will unravel the secrets of animal communication...Learn More!

January - December
1-7 Days

This training program is geared toward biologists, wildlife professionals, rangers/game wardens, conservation employees, and students or those interested in wildlife. Your small group will spend several days in the field with an expert instructor learning how to identify a variety of animal tracks and other sign, with the option to earn a certification from Cybertracker Conservation...Learn More!

January - December
Several Days to Multiple Weeks

Let us craft the perfect nature and cultural trip for you!  Whether it's going on a wildlife safari, birding expedition, high altitude trek or other outdoor adventure, we can put together an itinerary that will satisfy your adventurous spirit and also fit within your budget.  Explore rugged mountains, lush jungles, idyllic coastlines, vast savannas, and stark deserts in the Americas, Africa, and Southern Asia...Learn More!