Essential Survival Skills Course

Course Overview

Our society has become so dependent on technology and modern conveniences to keep us warm, hydrated, and fed, that very few people actually have the skills to survive a situation in which they find themselves lost, injured, or stranded in the wilderness for any significant amount of time.  This course is designed to teach you those skills so that you are equipped to deal with a variety of life-threatening situations, whether they be for a few hours, a few days, or longer.

Course Details


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Course Name:                  

Essential Wilderness Survival Skills


Course Dates:                   

March - November



1-2 Days


Experience & Activity Level:            

Participants should be in good

physical condition.  


Determined by group size,

number of days, location




Can you start a fire without a lighter, matches or a striker?  What about purifying drinking water without a filter or chemicals?  How about being able to make a suitable shelter to keep you warm and dry with only a knife?  Do you know which plants are safe to eat, or how to make a primitive fishing implement? 


If you answered “no” to the above questions, then the essential wilderness survival skills course is designed with you in mind to teach you the very skills that could one day save your life.  An expert instructor will demonstrate various survival techniques that will address all of your basic needs, and then will coach you as you practice the fundamentals necessary for perfecting each technique.

You can choose to learn any of  the following core skills:

•    Primitive shelter construction

•    Creating friction fire from various methods

•    Finding, recovering, and purifying water

•    Making hunting implements

•    How to set snares and traps

•    Flint knapping

•    Primitive cooking methods

•    Making fishing implements

•    Foraging for edible and medicinal plants

•    Making cordage and other useful tools

You have the option to take this course with just a few individuals or as a large group, and you can choose to learn just the basics in 1-2 days, or really focus on perfecting your techniques over a longer duration even up to a week or more.   In addition, you can decide to focus on a particular set of skills (e.g. finding and preparing food) or those relating to a particular region or type of environment (e.g. cold weather survival).  


No matter what you choose to focus on, after completing the course you will come away with more confidence that you can handle a potentially dangerous survival situation, with just your know how and a basic implement or two.  This will give you more peace of mind each time you step out into nature, knowing that if something does indeed go wrong, you can take matters into your own hands instead of being completely at the mercy of Mother Nature.