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Guided Hunts & Bow Making Programs


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Our custom hunting and bow making packages are designed for those who want to learn how to harvest game animals in a traditional and authentic fashion.  While leading these excursions, our expert guides teach skills the following skills:  trailing and patterning animals, still hunting (getting close to prey without alerting them), building your own blind out of natural materials, making your own camouflage, carving your own longbow, and many other strategies which are essential to a successful hunt.

A hunting trip can be customized as a stand alone program for any number of days, or in conjunction with a bow making class that occurs prior to the hunt. The latter can be scheduled separately and then time must be allocated afterward to learn how to shoot properly and consistently (if you choose to do a guided hunt with your bow). Longbows are typically carved from osage or hickory wood, and typically take about a week to complete.  

Guided Hunts & Bow Making Programs

We have options for hunting in variety of locations across North America including the big sky country of Montana, Idaho, Alaska and other states in the Northern Rockies, as well as the vast open landscapes of the southwest such as New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.  Animals that can be pursued include elk, mule deer, white tailed deer, pronghorn antelope, javelina, and big horn sheep among others.


We can also prepare packages in exotic international destinations like Africa that have excess or surplus prey species (no predators or large herbivores...game animals only), where proceeds from hunting go towards conservation initiatives and supporting local indigenous guides in maintaining their traditional skills like wildlife tracking.

So whether you are an archery or gun hunter, we can create a hunting experience for you that is unique and truly satisfying, one that you will never forget.  It will teach you skills you can put to use in all of  your future hunting and non-hunting outdoor activities.