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For our expeditions and courses, we use specially trained and certified guides that are experts in their field of study. Rather than just being "general" naturalists, they have years of "in the field" experience directly related to the focus areas for the programs they are leading.  In addition to our own experts, each expedition includes local guides who intimately know the flora and fauna of the specific area visited so that the unique and fascinating features for each place are revealed.

Jessica Moreno
Wildlife Tracking Guide


Jessica has a biology degree in wildlife conservation and management from the University of Arizona with experience in non-invasive carnivore research, including four years at the University of Arizona Wild Cat Research and Conservation Center leading mountain lion and bobcat studies.  She also worked for seven years at Sky Island Alliance, conducting ocelot and jaguar monitoring and leading internationally recognized citizen science projects to advocate for carnivore protection, inform public policy, and provide corridors for wildlife in the the American Southwest.  She is certified in Wildlife Track and Sign from CyberTracker Conservation and has taught wildlife tracking to hundreds of volunteers in Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico.

Michelle Peziol
Wildlife Tracking Guide

Michelle graduated from State University College at Fredonia with a degree in Geology, but quickly fell in love with studying wildlife. She is a Wildlife Track and Sign Specialist, becoming the first woman in North America to score a 100% on Cybertracker Conservation's certification exam. She has worked as a field technician for the feline conservation organization Panthera, tracking mountain lions in the Grand Tetons in northwest Wyoming and performing other puma research since 2013. Previously she worked in Washington state at Alderleaf Wilderness College, teaching students naturalist field skills and biology.  She is currently pursuing a PhD program analyzing the ecological contributions cougars make to their natural communities.  

Connor O'Malley
Wildlife Tracking & Bird Language Guide

Connor works on the Panthera Teton Cougar Project in northwest Wyoming which has been an ongoing study documenting mountain lion behavior.  In his role as field technician, Connor assists with all aspects of field work, including research, and monitoring of cougars.  He has a degree from Colorado State University in natural resources management, and previously worked as a biologist in southern California studying feral pigs, peninsular bighorn sheep, and cougars. Connor is an expert tracker, having been certified as a Wildlife Track and Sign Specialist through Cybertracker Conservation, and also is well versed in bird language studies.  He has taught wildlife tracking and birding courses in New England and Washington. 

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