India Ultimate Feline Discovery

Trip Overview

Ever wished you could get close to lions AND tigers in the wild but thought you would have to go to two different continents to see them…not anymore!  We are offering a rare opportunity to track and view these magnificent beasts along with the iconic leopard.  Our expert guides will lead you to several different preserves in western India only a few hours apart to follow these extraordinary predators. You will also get the chance to observe other fascinating species like sloth bears, wolves, hyenas, wild asses and many more.

Expedition Details


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Trip Name:                  

India Ultimate Feline Discovery Tour


Trip Dates:                   

November 18th – December 3rd, 2016



16 Days


Experience & Activity Level:            

Previous tracking experience helpful but not required.  

Participants should be in good physical condition.


Accommodation  Style:

4 star lodges and luxury tents



Starting at $8,990 per person, ($2,645 single supplement)



- Ranthambore National Park

- Jawai Leopard Camp

- Wild Ass Sanctuary

- Gir National Park



This epic adventure will take you to exotic locations to find and track the largest cats on the planet in their natural habitats.  India has long been associated with the Bengal tiger and also hosts plenty of leopards, but it also has the only wild population in the world of Asiatic lions, a close relative of the African lion but with a smaller mane on the male but a larger tail tuft.  While the lions’ and tigers’ territories currently don’t overlap, their territories are only separated by a few hours drive.


These apex predators all reside in Western India, and we will take you there to three different preserves within close proximity of each other to study each of them in their these natural habitats.  We will look for tracks and sign on foot and will go on jeep safari to view them up close and observe their activity.  You will taught how to find and trail these big cats, how to interpret bird language to recognize where they are moving on the landscape, how to recognize their various behaviors and strategies for killing their prey, and how they raise cubs and socialize with each other.


You will begin the tour in Delhi, where you will take a day to see the historic sites, sounds, and smells of the capital and recover from your long flight.  The following day, you will travel to Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary to spend a couple of days looking for tigers and observe their behavior.  Afterwards, you will go for several days of tracking at Jawai Leopard Camp, which has one of the highest densities of leopards in India and where they are frequently seen moving in and out of the ancient temples on the hillside.


Next, you will venture to Dasada for a brief visit to the Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary to track one of the last remaining wild ass populations in world, as well as the Indian wolf.  And finally, you will head to the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary where you will spend a couple of days observing and following the wild population of Asiatic lions, as well as large mammals like the striped hyena.


We will be doing both walking and jeep safaris, and will spend several days on the trip following tracks of a variety of species as well as examining other signs of their presence.  We will also listen to and study the local bird language to hear what they are saying about the presence of nearby predators, which way they are moving, and what their intentions might be.  The guides leading you will be extremely knowledgeable of the local ecology as well as expertly trained in recognizing and following tracks and understanding bird language.


For those who love studying the activity of large predators and particularly big cats, this will be an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal to examine these magnificent kings of the jungle!  If you are interested in not only seeing these cats from afar, but getting to study them in detail and really understanding their core behaviors, then this trip is definitely for you!