Trip Overview

Central Africa is the cradle of human civilization where some of the earliest hominids originated and adapted to survive in this bountiful, but often hostile environment.  On this incredible adventure you will get to engage in the same survival methods and tactics that our ancestors used on an every day basis, with our expert instructors on hand to train and guide you every step of the way.  You will also get the opportunity to interact with the Watta, one of the last remaining primitive tribes in Africa, who use these skills in their everyday life. Finally, you will get to take bush walks and game drives to observe the wild animals nearby and to understand the behavior of both prey and predators.


Kenya Survival in the Savannah Adventure

Expedition Details


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Trip Name:                  

Kenya Survival in the Savannah Adventure


Trip Dates:                   




10 Days


Experience & Activity Level:            

Previous survival or primitive skills experience helpful but

not required.   Participants should be in good physical

condition and able to cope with inclement weather.


Accommodation  Style:

3 star bush camp and survival shelters



Starting at $5,890 per person



- Nairobi National Park

- Lualenyi Conservancy



This unique survival safari will take you to the same African plains where the earliest humans roamed the savannah and lived off the land.  You will be taught many of the fundamental survival skills used by the Watta people in this area for thousands of years, while also getting the chance to go on walking and driving excursions to view and learn about the majestic wildlife including lions, leopards, giraffes, gazelles, and many other large mammals.  Additionally, you will learn about the edible plants that the native peoples relied upon as well as the poisonous ones to avoid.

This excursion will be divided into two parts and the first few days will be spent at a camp learning basic survival skills via workshops, lectures, and hands on practice while getting the chance to interact with the Watta, one of the last primitive tribes in all of Africa.  Then once all these techniques have been covered, we will leave the camp and you will go out in the bush where you will live off the land for the next several days putting your know-how to the test (no need to panic, our expert team of certified instructors will be on hand to guide you and be of assistance as needed!).

Interwoven into the itinerary will be bush walks where you will learn how to identify animal tracks and understand the behaviors of various prey and predator species.  Hence, you will get to experience many of the same up close encounters with big game animals that a traditional safari offers, but in a much more authentic setting that offers a deeper understanding of how survival and all the surrounding animals and plants are so closely linked.  


Upon landing at the airport in Nairobi, Kenya, you will whisked away by our friendly staff and taken directly to Nairobi National Park, where we will conduct a game drive to introduce you to your new environment for the next ten days before heading to our camp for that evening.  Even though it is on the edge of the city, the park is full of animals and camping here allows you to acclimatize to the sights and sounds of nature instead of staying in the bustling city.


The next morning we will depart for Lualenyi Conservancy, an ideal location situated in the Tsavo eco-system that is wedged between Tsavo East and West National Parks and the Taita Game Sanctuary.  The area is teeming with wildlife and will be our bush lodge for the next five days as we begin the survival workshop.  We will have an introduction and orientation session, and then we will jump right in practicing the requisite skills.  Over the next few days you will learn the essentials of:


- Creating friction fire using various primitive methods

- Locating, capturing and purifying water

- Finding and making a safe camp

- Primitive shelter construction

- Identifying edible and poisonous plants

- Processing edible plants

- Making primitive weapons (e.g. throwing stick) and learning how to set traps

- Wildlife tracking and trailing

- Stalking prey without being detected

- Primitive cooking methods

- Navigating across unknown landscapes without a compass/map

- Basic first aid techniques


After we finish the workshop part of the program, we will leave the Lualenyi camp area and head deeper in to the bush for the next three days where you will put your new survival competencies to the test!  Upon arrival you will set up a savannah camp and then proceed to live off the land for the next three days.  In between your routine survival activities, you will have the opportunity to scout the landscape in search of animal signs and also attempt to orient and find targets using a map and compass.  Our instructors will be present to monitor your activities and offer assistance in the event of any difficulties or mishaps.


To successfully complete the program, you will need to be in good physical condition and able to withstand the rigors being outside for an extended period of time, without the aid of modern conveniences.  Additionally, you will need to be able to handle some discomfort like being cold during the night and functioning with minimal food for a few days, etc. (instructors will maintain extra food and water in the event they are needed).


This one of a kind experience will be something that you will never forget.  It will be both a great learning experience in how to live off the land as well as the chance to view some of the most exotic and awe inspiring animals and habitats on the planet.  You will not only learn a lot about life in the African savannah, but also about your inner resources and how deeply connected man was, and still is, to the biosphere we call home.