Trip Overview

Take an epic journey to the heartland of Africa, where you will learn how to identify and follow the tracks of the planet’s most abundant large wildlife.  We will be heading out on foot and engaging in game drives on conservancy land adjacent to Tsavo National Park in southern Kenya.  You will be taught by experienced instructors as well as being guided by members of the Watta tribe, the legendary local big game trackers who are masters at this art of tracking. Additionally, you will learn the basics of bird language and how to decipher the messages that have been a key to the continued survival of the Watta people in the African bush.


Kenya Tracking and Bird Language Odyssey

Expedition Details


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Trip Name:                  

Kenya Tracking and Bird Language Odyssey


Trip Dates:                   

June–September & December-March



10 Days


Experience & Activity Level:            

Previous tracking experience helpful but not required.  

Participants should be in good physical condition.


Accommodation  Style:

Bush camp/tents



Starting at $3,990 per person



- Nairobi National Park

- Galana Wildlife Conservancy



The grasslands of Africa are home to the greatest concentration of large wildlife on the planet, but how many people get to experience them not just by caravan, but also on foot where you can come into close contact with the sights, sounds and smells of the plains?  Now is your chance to have this amazing experience, just as our ancestors did for many millennia!


Southern Kenya possesses an incredible mixture of wildlife including the Big 5 (lions, leopards, elephants, rhino, buffalo), dozens of antelope species, and many other mammals along with a great variety of birds, reptiles, and amphibians.  It is perhaps the most diverse terrestrial ecosystem on the planet and one that never disappoints!


Upon your arrival in Nairobi, Kenya, we will immediately head to Nairobi National Park which is situated on the edge of town.  Nairobi is the only city in the world to have a fifty square mile wildlife park right on its doorstep, with the city skyline in plain view!  Hence you will start your adventure just after you land at the airport, with a game drive on the way to your camp where you will stay in the forest surrounded by the sounds of nature instead of the noise of a bustling city hotel.


The following day, we will head to the 60,000 acre Galana Wildlife Conservancy, which sits adjacent to the Tsavo National Park.  Here we will spend the next eight days of our tracking odyssey looking for footprints and sign of its many inhabitants and following the sandy soils, dry riverbeds, and open spaces of the preserve to discover what the animals where doing and where they were headed.  In addition to the wildlife mentioned previously, this area is also home to some unusual species including the fringe-eared oryx and the gerenuk.


Our expert western guides will teach you the fundamentals required for identifying the tracks and gait of individual species, learning how to trail them through the bush, and deciphering what behavior they were engaged in along their path. Members of the Watta tribe will join us to guide you through the best available habitat, along the way revealing their immense tracking knowledge and understanding of the landscape and its fauna and flora.


We will also take time to learn bird language as it pertains to understanding various behaviors and alarm calls that can notify us of any predators, recent kill sites, and other nearby animals moving through bush.  After finishing our tracking odyssey, we will head back to Nairobi where you can catch your departure flight.  Heading home you can reflect upon your amazing wilderness experience and upon arrival, you can continue to pursue your newfound skill of tracking following the animals in your local area!