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Naturalist Ventures provides an array of professional services emphasizing traditional nature skills according to your interests. These services are available to individuals, companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and conservation organizations as well as other non-profits.  They can be tailored to your specific needs including location, duration, group size, and other parameters.  If you desire another type of service offering that is not listed below, please contact us with your request and we will attempt to put together something for you. 

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Custom Nature & Cultural Trips

Are you looking for an outdoor adventure in a pristine setting, away from heavily trafficked areas?  Do you want to plan your own schedule so that you can have a relaxing experience instead of being crammed into a packaged tour offering? If so, let us help you design the getaway of your dreams where you can have a deeply rewarding experience in nature, as well as partake in the best cultural activities at your chosen destination.  We can suggest and plan itineraries for you in idyllic settings all over the world...Learn More!

Wildlife Track and Sign Surveys

Many landowners, environmental organizations, and wildlife agencies have a need to know what fauna is present on their lands in order to make wise management decisions related to habitat improvement, increasing biological diversity, or simply to enhance their enjoyment of their property.  We conduct surveys that document animal species residing or passing through your land in a formal report, citing specific indicators of their presence along with coordinates of where the animal sign was found...Learn More!

Wildlife Tracking & Trailing Certifications

Identifying the tracks and trails of animals is both an art and a science.  For those who wish to test their knowledge and skills, we can arrange wildlife tracking/trailing evaluations in your region administered in conjunction with Cybertracker Conservation.  An evaluation lasts 2 days, and upon completion qualified trackers will earn one of several levels of certification.  It is a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the best wildlife trackers on the planet, and greatly increase your knowledge of animal behavior...Learn More!