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Wilderness Survival Expeditions

Naturalist Ventures puts together wilderness survival and traditional hunting expeditions that teach people essential skills that our ancestors depended upon for their livelihood.  Each program is tailored to the environmental characteristics of a given region (e.g. desert, tropical, mountainous, cold, etc.) and the fauna and flora that occupy that specific type of habitat.  These amazing programs will rekindle the deepest instincts that are embedded in your DNA, while imparting practical skills that you can use for a lifetime.

North America


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New Mexico Living off the Land Expedition
June 8 - 17, 2017
10 Days,  $2,390

Learn the ancient survival skills that Geronimo used for years while hiding out to avoid the U.S. cavalry. Rather than depending on modern conveniences, you will perform basic survival tasks including making fire, collecting water, constructing shelter, and securing food.  Build your skills and confidence so that when you finish you will be prepared to handle a variety of survival situations...Learn More! 

Central & Southern Africa

Kenya Survival in the Savannah Adventure
June - March
10 Days,  $5,890

Discover what it takes to thrive in Africa in one of the world’s most challenging environments, learning from the Watta, one of the last primitive tribes on the continent.  You will be taught the survival skills that our earliest ancestors mastered, while also going on game walks and drives observing some of the greatest wildlife on the planet to understand the behavior of both prey animals and large predators...Learn More!

Southern Asia

The Great Himalayan Survival Trek
October - November, April - May
21 Days,  $5,990

Come face to face with the world’s tallest mountains that have tested the bravest of souls who have tried to endure the challenges they present.  During this trek you will learn what it takes to survive in this majestic but rugged environment, employing survival strategies in three different habitats (semi-tropical, temperate, alpine) and along the way viewing amazing wildlife and scenery...Learn More!