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Wildlife Tracking & Bird Language Expeditions

Naturalist Ventures has uniquely designed wildlife expeditions that focus on understanding animal behavior through ancient practices like wildlife tracking, trailing and bird language. These expeditions are hands on, teaching you these traditional skills in some of the greatest wildlife habitats on the planet and reconnecting you to nature in the process. Many of our trips interact with indigenous people who will show you how mankind lived alongside and depended upon the animals around them for their survival. 

North America


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Sky Islands Tracking & Bird Language Trip
September 30 - October 4, 2017
5 Days,  $1,195

Come and track majestic animals and birds in one of the most amazing ecosystems on our planet!  The Sky Islands along the borderlands of Arizona-Mexico are an area of convergence where species from temperate zones in the north coexist with species from the southern tropics.  You will spend a week looking for signs of jaguars, ocelots, and black bears while listening to the alarm calls of birds...Learn More!

Sierra del Carmen Tracking Adventure
March - October
7 Days,  $2,650

Explore the last truly wild, untouched landscape in the heart of the Southwest. The Sierra del Carmen Preserve are sky island mountains not open to the public, where mountain lions, black bears, big horn sheep, coyotes, pronghorns and deer co-exist without disturbance.  You will track these creatures in a variety of habitats from desert grasslands to alpine forests, while studying the language of birds...Learn More!

Canada Big Game Tracking Trip
July - August
11 Days,  $8,490

Explore the hinterlands of Canada while tracking some of the largest animals on the planet.  From the boreal forests of southern Manitoba to the open tundra near Hudson Bay, you will follow the trails of black bears, bison, wolves, moose, and even the mighty polar bear in order to get a glimpse these giants in a true wilderness environment.  Along the way view many other animals including magnificent beluga whales…Learn More!

Central & South America

Brazil Tracking & Bird Language Adventure
June - October
10 Days,  $4,290

This once in a lifetime expedition will take you to one of the world's greatest wildlife habitats, the Pantanal in southwestern Brazil.  Over the course of ten days you will observe and track marsh deer, capybaras, tapirs, giant anteaters, maned wolves, jaguarundis, ocelots, and the mighty jaguar!  You will also learn bird language and how to decipher the messages that our avian friends are constantly sending about the predators that lurk nearby…Learn More!

Belize Bird Language Bonanza
December - April
10 Days,  $4,790

Learn the language of the birds while searching for the tracks and signs of animals in the tropical forests of Belize, a country with amazing biodiversity!   You will visit different ecosystems including jungle, coastal, and tropical savannah habitats as our experts teach you the secrets for unlocking the inherit meanings in the birds' voices, which will tell you what animals are nearby and what their intentions are…Learn More!

The Yucatan Jaguar Journey
December – May, September – October
10 Days,  $3,990

The mighty jaguar is the greatest predator in all the Americas and possesses the most powerful jaws of any feline on the planet.  In this wonderful odyssey, you will go on foot to search for this beast in the verdant jungles of the Yucatan peninsula looking for its tracks and sign while listening to the voices of the jungle birds who foretell its whereabouts.  You will also visit majestic Mayan ruins and see many other natural wondersLearn More!

Ecuador Bird Language & Tracking Expedition
September - May
13 Days,  $6,990

Experience the tropics like never before in lovely Ecuador!  You will journey into the cloud forest to learn the language of the birds, who will help you unlock its many secrets.  And you will explore the Amazon jungle listening to birds and looking for the tracks of many exotic animals with the indigenous Añangu people, who have lived for centuries here and will reveal the mysteries of the rain forest to youLearn More!

Central & Southern Africa

Kenya Tracking & Bird Language Odyssey
June–September, December-March
10 Days,  $3,690

Explore the African savannah searching for signs of the continent’s most impressive wild creatures and following the paths they trod.  Joined by the members of the legendary tracking tribe known as the Watta, we will go on foot to trail dozens of species, all the while being guided by birds that will give us clues enabling us to find these magnificent animals.  We will also take game drives during the day and night to get up close observations...Learn More!

Zimbabwe Canoe & Tracking Expedition
May - September
10 Days,  $6,890

Explore the wilds of Zimbabwe in a boat and on foot to experience the “Soul of Africa!”  You will observe up close the magnificence of its animals, landscapes, and waterways, while learning how to identify the tracks of large mammals and following their trails to observe their fascinating behavior.  Your expert guides will lead you down one of the continent’s mighty rivers and onto the plains teeming with exotic wildlife...Learn More!

Tanzania Tracking Safari with Native Tribesman
March - May
13 Days,  $9,290

Join us on this once in a lifetime adventure to track and observe large mammals as taught by expert guides and members of the Maasai and Hadza tribes.  Go on foot to trace the steps of the "Big 5" in the Serengeti ecosystem as well as venturing into the Ngorongoro Crater and Great Rift Valley to see other amazing animals.  Study bird language with tribe members while out gathering food and other necessities...Learn More!

Southern Asia 

Bangladesh Tiger Tracking Adventure
October 27 - November 6, 2017
11 Days,  $4,790

Come and track the largest cat on the planet in the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans! This area contains the highest density of tigers anywhere on Earth, and is home to a tremendous diversity of wildlife that includes other felines, wild boar, deer, monkeys, otters, and numerous bird species. We will explore the canals by boat and go on foot to locate these majestic animals and observe their behavior...Learn More!

Jim Corbett Walking Safari
November - May
17 Days,  $6,790

Trace the footsteps of Asia’s most famous tracker and hunter, Jim Corbett, in the national park in India bearing his name.  Just as he did 100 years ago, you will go on foot looking for tracks of the mighty tiger and other magnificent mammals, as well as taking game drives to catch sight of these animals.  You will also learn his tricks of the trade including how to decipher bird alarms to locate the beasts of the jungle...Learn More!

India-Nepal National Parks Safari
October - April
11 Days,  $7,450

Explore the untrodden natural habitats of Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Dudhwa National Park and Bardia National Park along the India/Nepal border. You will undertake both walking and driving safaris to look for tracks and sign and observe the behavior of the best wildlife the India subcontinent has to offer, including the Bengal tiger, the Indian rhinoceros, and many species of exotic birds...Learn More!

India Tracking & Bird Language Safari
November - April
14 Days,  $6,590

Take this rare opportunity to explore two of India’s famed wildlife parks on foot, tracking the great cats and other beasts through the jungle just as many of the famed explorers once did!  You will learn how to trail these magnificent creatures as well as learn the basics of bird language, which will teach you how to locate, recognize, and monitor the movements of any large predators in the area...Learn More!

India Ultimate Feline Discovery
October - March
16 Days,  $8,990

Here's your chance to follow and glimpse in person the great cats of the Asian subcontinent, including the Bengal tiger, the Asiatic lion, and the secretive leopard.  Western India is the only place in the world where you can see all three of these majestic felines in close proximity. We will take you to three different preserves to look for their tracks and sign and observe their fascinating behavior...Learn More!

The Elusive Snow Leopard Quest
November – December, February – April
13 Days,  $5,590

Journey to the rooftop of the world to search for the mysterious snow leopard! In the high Himalayas of northern India, you will go on foot to find the tracks and sign of this stealthy creature in the hope that you may get a glimpse of his spectacular coat.  Along the way, you will observe other fascinating animals while enjoying the breathtaking scenery and taking in the gorgeous temples that dot the mountain landscape...Learn More!

Shangri-La Wildlife Adventure
April - May, October - November
19 Days,  $11,490

Visit the magical kingdom of Bhutan on a fabulous wildlife and cultural excursion!  You will observe many exotic animal species and follow their footsteps, while being guided by bird sounds that tell you what other creatures are lurking nearby.  You will move from the lowlands near the Indian border up to the highest Himalayan peaks, taking in the magnificent vistas, temples, and villages along the entire way...Learn More!


Eastern Europe Wildlife Excursion
August - September, May - June
16 Days,  $2,990

Explore vast wilderness areas full of brown bears, wolves, red deer, and wild boars in Ukraine and Romania.  Here, much of the landscape has been spared the over-development of its western neighbors, so you will be able to trek through the remote mountains and valleys to tracks these great beasts, while also getting to wander the streets of some of Europe’s most picturesque medieval cities...Learn More!

Italy Wildlife & Cultural Immersion
September - October, May - June
13 Days,  $5,690

Western Europe is commonly thought of as full of culture and bereft of wildlife…well think again!  On this amazing journey you get both, getting to observe and track big wildlife like wolves, bears, and lynx while also experiencing ancient and renaissance Italy.  You will see the stunning Alps and Apennine Mountains, and along the way visit Rome and Florence finishing your journey in Venice...Learn More!