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Wildlife Tracking & Trailing Certifications


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Becoming adept at wildlife tracking or trailing generally requires a lengthy combination of time in the field along with studying field guides and other resources relating to track morphology, gaits, and animal sign and behaviors.  Taking an evaluation exam is a great way to speed up the learning process and advance your skills, as well as giving you an indication of your current level of expertise. Whether you have been tracking or trailing animals your whole life or have just recently begun this most ancient of human activities, it is an invaluable tool to understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you become a better tracker. 


We can schedule a certification event for you in almost any region, which will be lead by Cybertracker Conservation certified examiners. Cybertracker is the official organization created specifically to teach tracking skills and help pass on the lineage of this knowledge to current generations.


The Cybertracker evaluation system has become the international standard for assessing wildlife biologists across the globe in their professional duties, as an essential training element to ensure observer reliability in recorded data.  It is also important for wildlife enthusiasts involved in conservation and ecotourism initiatives, citizen science projects, or simply for their own personal enjoyment.    

Wildlife Tracking & Trailing Certifications

Separate evaluations are given for the topics of tracking and trailing, and there are two main types of certification exams: one designated for beginner and intermediate trackers/trailers seeking certification Levels 1-3, and an advanced exam for expert practitioners attempting to achieve the Specialist rating.  While both are open and highly recommended to any individual interesting in tracking/trailing, it is advised that participants desiring to receive a high level of certification are familiar with the fauna in the area and have had time beforehand to study and learn the tracks of the species living there.  

The evaluators are expert trackers and trailers, all of whom have achieved a Specialist certification in at least two bioregions.  An evaluation typically lasts for 2 days, is conducted entirely in the field (i.e. looking at tracks...no written/classroom tests), and can be held in any area where there are sufficient wildlife populations and suitable substrate for registering tracks.  In addition to recognizing animal tracks, participants taking the evaluation will encounter other questions relating to animal sign such as identifying scat, pellets, browsed plants, bedding and den sites, rubs/scrapes and other sign.


To aid in participants receiving the highest score possible score, we can also offer trainings beforehand in the same general region.  This will help get them up to speed, and give an indication of the type of questions that will be asked on the certification exam.