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About Our Courses & Training Programs 

Naturalist Ventures offers online and field courses as well as onsite training in a variety of traditional outdoor skills.  These are available to the general public as well as privately to companies, educational institutions, government agencies, conservation organizations and other non-profits.  They may be available for credit in conjunction with an accredited college or university or able to receive continuing education units (CEU's). Online courses often include presentations or lectures from renowned experts in their fields of study and typically include field assignments or other homework so that you can put into practice what you learn.

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Wildlife Tracks & Sign Online Course
December 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020

This online course will teach you how to recognize a wide variety of animal tracks and sign including spoor from mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.  Available as either a 52.5 CEU course (continuing education unit) or 3 hour credit course (via the University of Florida), it is intended for professional biologists, college students, federal or state wildlife officials, and anyone else who is interested in learning these essential skills…Learn More!

Bobcat Tracks
Wildlife Tracks & Sign Field Course
July 14-20, 2019
Starting at $1,987

This university field course (CEU's available) is a fantastic opportunity to learn the art of identifying animal tracks and sign in the heart of a great North America landscape, The Frank Church Wilderness.  Taught by one of the world's premier tracking instructors, you will learn how to find, recognize, and interpret animal tracks and sign of some of the largest animals on the continent, including wolves, black bears, and mountain lions…Learn More!

Black Bear Track
University of Florida Bird Language Course
May 7-11, 2018
5 Days,  $995

This course will be a five day intensive field studies program led by a PhD avian ecologist and a bird language instructor, and is open both to UF students (2 credit hours) and the general public.  It will teach the fundamentals of bird language through observation, and participants will learn to distinguish between baseline and alarm behavior as well as how to recognize different alarm types that indicate the presence of nearby predators…Learn More!

Fundamentals of Wildlife Tracking
January - December
1-5 Days

This course is an in depth analysis of wildlife tracking, teaching you how to identify tracks in the field, along with other types of animal sign.  It will cover the basics of how to find tracks, age them, analyze gaits and behavior, and recognize other sign like scat, beds, rubs, and browsed plants.  You will learn to discover what animals are nearby, what behaviors they are engaged in, when are they moving, and why they are there…Learn More!

Bird Language Principles
January - December
1-5 Days

This course explores the language of birds!   Whether you have been a birder for life, or don’t know an eagle from a sparrow, this class will teach you how to understand what birds are saying and how they are saying it.  You will learn the 'five voices' of birds and how to distinguish between songs, companion calls, territorial calls, juvenile begging behavior, and most importantly the many types of alarms.…Learn More!

Essential Wilderness Survival Skills
March - November
1-5 Days

If while you were out in nature you got lost, the weather changed, or you ran out of daylight, would you know what actions to take?  Would you have the skills to protect yourself from the elements, build shelter, find food and water, and ultimately navigate your way to safety?  This course will show you how to assess a survival situation and take the steps necessary to keep you alive for a scenario lasting several hours to multiple daysLearn More!

Predicting the Weather
January - December
1-2 Days

How can you tell what the weather is going to be in a few hours or days without having access to a meteorological forecast?  This course will teach you how to do this simply by observing the current conditions around you and understanding some fundamental principles about how our atmosphere works. This can be an invaluable skill if you are backpacking in the wilderness, camping for the weekend, or just outdoors for a few hoursLearn More!

Navigation & Orienteering
May - September
1-3 Days,  $6,890

Are you able to find you way from point A to B in unfamiliar terrain without the aid of a GPS device or smartphone?  This course will cover the fundamentals of navigating and orienteering via a variety of methods, including using a topographical map and compass, taking bearings, identifying landmarks, and using other traditional ways to move quickly, quietly, and safely to your intended destination...Learn More!