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Naturalist Ventures creates programs for the purpose of getting people reconnected to nature.  We organize expeditions for small groups, training courses, and other offerings that engage participants in some of the most ancient human activities including wildlife tracking/trailing, interpreting bird language, and practicing wilderness survival skills. 


Our programs span the globe in some of the most amazing natural habitats, providing for an unforgettable adventure.  In addition to close interaction with Mother Nature, there are cultural components to our offerings as well to ensure that you have a well-rounded experience.  For other questions about what we do or how we work, please contact us.


Why Choose Us

Of the myriad of outdoor environmental programs on offer, too few incorporate awareness practices and hands-on exercises where participants actually engage with their surroundings to forge a relationship and deeper connection with the natural world.  On our programs there are still many opportunities to relax, recreate, and take photos, but participants also get to participate in traditional activities that are at the core of how we evolved as human beings...and that reawakens something deep inside of us.  


People come back from our programs feeling relaxed and content, but also reinvigorated.  Unlike other vacations you don't simply come back with photos and memories that quickly fade; instead you are empowered to take home with you what you have learned and continue to develop these skills, whether you live in an urban or rural setting.  


Hence, our programs can begin a lifelong journey of connecting ever more deeply to the natural world.  In an era marked by increasing disconnection from nature, ourselves, and others, this can lead us again to discover the web of relationship between all life that our western culture has largely forgotten.   


Where We Work

We currently run programs all over the globe including North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and Southern Asia.  They occur in a variety of habitats including mountainous regions, coastal areas, tropical and temperate rainforests, savannah plains, high deserts, and even nordic environments.


While each destination is unique, the fundamental principles related to wildlife tracking, bird language, and wilderness survival still apply and are simply employed in a slightly different manner based upon the local flora and fauna, terrain, and other environmental factors.


Our Customers

We put together programs for individuals and small to medium sized groups including conservation organizations, universities, alumni associations, and other non-profits.  Many of our offerings are custom and can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization or group and their level of knowledge, but we also provide open trips with set dates for individuals.  


In terms of prerequisites or level of experience needed, we generally require that participants be in good physical condition (level of fitness depends on the type of program), and that they have a keen interest in nature and/or a basic knowledge of the skill(s) and activities that will be undertaken (a few of our specialty offerings are designed for groups and individuals with prior experience and ability level and are noted as such).


Other Beneficiaries

We also support conservation projects and some of the proceeds of our expeditions go toward maintaining preserves, national parks and other similar initiatives.  Our offerings encourage people to get actively involved in nature and are a valuable tool for organizations to promote their objectives, increase visibility and membership, raise awareness of key initiatives, and generate additional revenue.


Our programs are also geared to promote sustainability by employing local people, and working with indigenous groups to provide income that supports maintaining their traditional lifestyles and the practice of ancient skills.    



We utilize a variety of accommodations depending on the type of program, location, and individual/group preference.  Some of the more remote and budget offerings are camping only, whereas other programs use 3-4 star accommodation or a combination of lodging options.  Check the details for each program to determine the accommodation style; for customized trips, state your lodging preference.        


Please contact us if you have any other questions.