Trip Overview

Experience an authentic hunt on the plains of Africa with a long bow that you made yourself!  You will be instructed by an indigenous local craftsman on how to carve your own bow into a precision hunting implement that you will utilize to hunt African antelope and afterwards take home with you for many years of enjoyment.  You will also go on game drives to observe the fascinating behavior of large African wildlife as well as being taught by our expert guides on how to read animal tracks and sign, how to follow game trails, how to listen for bird language clues, how to stalk hunt and create brush blinds, and how to process a harvested animal.


Zimbabwe Traditional Bow Hunting Adventure

Expedition Details


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Trip Name:                  

Zimbabwe Traditional Bow Hunting Adventure


Trip Dates:                   

July 28 – Aug 10, 2016 



13 Days


Experience & Activity Level:            

Previous bow hunting experience helpful but not required.  

Participants should be in good physical condition.


Accommodation  Style:

3 star chalets and bush tents



$7,490 per person,  ($475 single supplement)



- Save Valley Conservancy

- Gonarezhou National Park

- Chilo Gorge



This is an amazing opportunity to engage in a traditional antelope hunt on foot with your own hand made bow, while also going on safari in Zimbabwe to see the magnificent Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo). This adventure will be a great way to experience an authentic African tradition that dates back many thousands of years while getting to study up close the behavior of the most impressive collection of large animals on the planet.


You will begin your expedition in the Save Valley Conservancy, the largest privately owned wildlife conservancy in the world with 340 000 hectares of untamed Africa and a plethora of wildlife. Here you will begin your bow making exercise, being led by an expert native bow maker who will take you through the entire process of how to fashion your bow, all the way from a stave made of local wood to a finished hunting weapon.  You won’t need to bring with you any additional fancy hunting gear, just some neutral colored clothing, good sturdy boots or hiking shoes, and perhaps a hunting knife


For the first several days of the expedition, during the middle hours of the day you will work on carving your bow into it’s desired shape, while spending the early morning and late afternoon hours on game walks/drives observing the abundance of wildlife around you and beginning to learn the behavior of the various species. As your bow nears completion, we will next venture into Gonarezhou National Park for several days to setup a bush camp where you will go on foot and to track and trail numerous species of animals as led by our expert local and western guides. Species that we will follow include lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, antelope, and many other fascinating creatures.


We will also do some study of local bird language, which will teach you about nearby animal movements and hence aid you in becoming a proficient hunter. Toward the end of our time in Gonarezhou National Park, we will be taking archery practice with our newly finished bows, learning the instinctive shooting method and practicing taking shots in a variety of positions and in various habitats to hone your accuracy. Your expert guides will also discuss traditional hunting tactics, including best practices for setting up brush blinds as well as the essentials of stalk hunting, an ancient African tradition.


Prior to the climax of your adventure, you’ll spend one day at the breathtaking Chilo Gorge to rest up and observe hippos and crocodiles in the waterholes below before returning to the Save Valley Conservancy.  Here you will spend the remaining days with our expert hunting guides engaging in a traditional hunt for antelope, using your long bow and putting into practice everything that you have learned thus far.  While there are no guarantees when it comes to harvesting an animal, you will be given the best chance possible to succeed with guidance from our expert guides.  They will also teach you how to process an animal, and if you are successful in your hunt they will assist you with that task.  


Don’t miss out on this chance to participate in one of the most ancient of all human activities, while at the same time getting to view some of the most incredible wildlife on the African continent. It is assured to be an exhilarating experience where rather than just reading about how primitive man lived, you will get to experience it first hand. And best of all, you will return home with your African long bow that you can use for years to come!


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